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Layout Artist
Walt Disney Animation Studios has been combining the best in artistry and storytelling with cutting-edge technology to create stories and films with timeless appeal. Layout Artists stage and block the cameras and characters in virtual environments through a combination of skills both artistic and technical.

A central component of Disney’s storytelling process is the work done in Layout. Layout transforms a film’s art, storyboards, and assets into the shots that audiences around the world will see on the big screen.

Walt Disney Animation Studios is seeking Layout Artists to join its studio in Burbank, CA.

  • Executing the staging, blocking and camera work that makes up the foundation of a successful shot and sequence of shots throughout a film
  • Producing work (shots) in a fast-paced CG environment using Maya, Linux, and a suite of proprietary software
  • Working well with and as part of a team and across departments to produce world-class Layout work that is highly consumable in our production’s pipeline
  • A good working knowledge of the principles of cinematic staging, blocking, and camera work
  • A good working knowledge of Maya and Linux is essential
  • Good camera animation skills 
  • Must be able to work iteratively in a fluid and fast-paced environment, take direction easily, and be willing to participate as a member of a highly collaborative team
  • Experience with lighting
  • Knowledge of editing and sequence development 
  • Must be open to working and showing work from rough to finished layouts
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and/or equivalent experience 

Preferred Qualifications
  • Good working knowledge of the posing/animation of CG characters
  • Experience with EFX is a plus

Application Materials
  • A reel of your recent and/or past Layout work that shows one or more sequences of shots in continuity. This is essential
  • A resume that details your recent/ past work history

The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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