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Environment Modeler

From the kingdom of Arendelle to the streets of San Fransokyo to the bustling burroughs of Zootopia, Walt Disney Animation prides itself in creating original, imaginative worlds that captivate audiences worldwide. In creating our cinematic worlds, our modelers support and inspire each other to solve creative challenges and collaborate with departments such as art and layout.

We're currently looking for talented Environment Modelers to join our passionate team! If your eye for appeal is as strong as your CG sculpting skills, upload your reel and help us literally build Disney's worlds of tomorrow, today!


  • Build complex set and prop models with organized, efficient, polygonal topology including: vehicles, buildings, plant life, terrain and complete set environments.  Models will need to be constructed to account for mechanical articulation when necessary

  • Complete complex organization and packaging of assets for efficient downstream consumption

  • Work well in a collaborative environment

  • Able to take direction and feedback from coworkers, Supervisors, and Directors



  • A thorough understanding of Maya

  • An understanding of ZBrush/Mudbox

  • Candidates should show stylized environments and props

  • A refined eye for appealing design

  • Strong problem solving skills

  • Proven ability to be detail oriented and to work efficiently within a production environment

  • Must be able to work in a collaborative environment, taking direction from the Supervisors and feedback from the Art Director and Director(s)

  • Willingness to seek out feedback from coworkers

  • All candidates should include 2D reference images when applicable

  • Layout experience a plus

  • Procedural modeling experience a plus

  • Previous experience with traditional 3D sculpting a plus

  • Scripting (Python) background a plus

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent experience


A reel including wireframes, 2D design images the models were based on, and turnarounds of work are requested for review.  Additionally, please include a resume and a reel break down.

The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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