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Crowd/Fix Animator
Attention Crowd/Fix Animators, Disney is currently hiring! Be part of the longest running animation team in history, work alongside legends, and use your animation powers for good to touch millions of people’s hearts around the globe.
We want talented animators who show exceptional understanding of weight, locomotion, anatomy, acting, appeal, and entertainment.
All positions are based in our Burbank, California studios.
Upload your resume, reel/website and tell us who you are.  
  • Effectively tell the story in a meaningful way through vivid and compelling character acting and movement
  • Create quality animation using digital tools for feature films, animated shorts, and other related projects
  • Create quality animated cycles to feed our crowd simulation system
  • Animate secondary and hero crowd scenes
  • Fix technical and aesthetic issues on previously animated scenes
  • Work closely with Crowd Supervisor, Heads of Animation, and Production in a feature film environment
  • Collaborate with and take direction from Directors, Heads of Animation, and Animation Supervisors
  • Implement changes and complete assignments in accordance with the production schedule
  • Develop a working knowledge of necessary production tools
  • Maintain an open and professional demeanor regarding direction, changes and shifting requirements
  • Receive feedback, address notes, and present clear ideas to Animation Supervisors and Heads of Animation
  • Produce various types of cycles and styles of animation
  • Visual demonstration (Quicktime or web link preferred) of junior animation that illustrates visual storytelling, believable expressions, emotional states, weight, physics, balance, appeal, entertainment, clear timing, and staging.
  • Proficiency in Maya or equivalent software required
  • Background in computer animation required
  • Art background in Fine Art, Illustration, Computer Graphics preferred but not required
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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