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Intern, Environment Software - Sámi, 2020


Are you a current or recent student studying art, animation, computer graphics, and film?

Walt Disney Animation Studios is looking for interns for their 2020 Summer Internship Program. As a Talent Development intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work directly with a Disney mentor as you explore all aspects of art, storytelling, and filmmaking

Walt Disney Animation Studios Summer Internship Program is a ten week program with seven different categories to apply for. 

Travel grant:

The internship form Sámi areas can apply for a10.000$  travel grant, funded by The Saami Council and the Sámi parliaments. The applicant must have Sámi background, meets Disney's requirements for internships and have a plan for how to bring the knowledge back to the Sami community, such as through social media, lectures etc. Write an application, max 1 page, explaining your applicant basis and how you would like to bring your knowledge back to the Sami community. Send your application for travel grant marked with "WDAS internship” to: 

Deadline for application(s) and travel grant is January 13, 2020 at 09:00 Swedish/Norwegian time and 10:00 Finnish time. 

Contact info for travel grant:

Christina Hætta, Sámiráđđi
+47 48021734


Job Description
The Walt Disney Animation Studios Technology Department develops software for our animated films. 
Software Engineers work closely with production artists to create tools for modeling, rigging, animation,
dynamics, shading, effects, look, and/or rendering while leveraging experience in graphics technology,
mathematics, and research.  Software Engineers on the Environments and FX team work on tools for
procedural geometry, environments, and look development.

One of our responsibilities in Production/Technology is to instance either modeled geometry (such as
rocks, buildings, or crowd characters) or procedurally-generated primitives (such as hair, grass, and
trees). As part of our ongoing quest for optimization, consistency, flexibility, and improved artist
workflows, we are embarking on major redesigns and unification of our various instancing systems.
The goal of this internship is to assist the team in developing a toolset that can be used to build
environments for our feature films. This includes the design and development of user interaction, artist
workflows, GUIs, core libraries, growth libraries, visualization via USD/Hydra,and final render translation
for our inhouse renderer Hyperion. Additional development includes the instancing or generation of
geometry in conjunction with USD and our internal toolkit of libraries, as well as a procedural graph with
highly scalable and concurrent execution.
Responsibilities include

  • Familiarize themselves with existing Disney Animation instancing techniques and tools
  • Gather requirements and input from artists and technology stakeholders
  • Create classes, functions, and libraries for performing recursive instancing over hierarchical data
  • Propose changes to data and workflows
  • Integrate the new library and tools into our production toolset
  • Document progress and and results throughout the internship with a final presentation at the end
Basic Qualifications
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong C++ programming skills
  • Experience or relevant coursework in Computer Graphics
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with animation workflows and tools such as Maya and Houdini
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with threading and concurrent processing
  • Experience with interface design
  • Experience with USD (Unified Scene Description)

Required Education

Junior, Senior, Graduate Level student or recent graduate (within 6 months of graduating) pursuing a
Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics,
Mathematics or related field.

How To Apply

  • Complete information and application for Travel Grant 
  • Register to create a profile and apply on the Walt Disney Animation Studios site (see below)

The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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