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Intern, CG Animator Summer 2020

Expand your skill set into the world of animation! Walt Disney Animation Studios Summer Internship Program is a ten week experience designed for students studying art, animation, computer graphics, and film. As a Talent Development intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work directly with a Disney mentor as you explore all aspects of art, storytelling, and filmmaking. This immersive program offers hands-on experience focused on individual craft and multidisciplinary team collaboration. 

The 2020 Summer Intern program will be held at our Burbank, CA studio starting June 2020. To be eligible for the Walt Disney Animation Studios Internship, you must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student who will return to school in the fall of 2020.

CG Animators are responsible for bringing characters to life. This program is intended to provide you an immersive look into this creative process while pairing you with mentors from our talented Animation department.  As an animation intern applicant, your animation reel should demonstrate a good understanding of acting and animation principles such as timing, clear staging, squash and stretch, anticipation and follow-through, and secondary action. 

To apply for this position you must upload a resume and a reel with a reel breakdown. 

Reel/portfolio requirements:

  • Acting, Acting, Acting! A reel should consist of a broad range of acting exercises: Pantomime, Dialogue, Walk Cycle, Weight

  • Focus on different styles of emoting: Subtle to broad moments, Comedic to dramatic

  • Reels should also focus on a diversity of character personalities to create entertaining and emotionally driven believable performances

  • Maya/3d software preferred

  • Traditional animation skills a plus

How to Apply:

  • Create or update your profile and apply 

  • Resume with month and year of expected graduation date 

  • Current enrollment as an undergraduate or graduate student returning to school in the fall is required


Deadline for applications is January 12, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. 

The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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